Shaw has offered loans since 2006

Shaw is a new loan provider, which we trust to be able to present here at As a user you can, as always, be sure of high quality and security if you want to borrow from Shaw. We recommend, as you probably already know, only loans with good and attractive terms. They offer to finance in collaboration with Danish Basisbank A / S, which you may have already heard or read about. Otherwise, we can mention that Basisbank is a well-established internet bank that has existed since the year 2000. We believe that this gives you extra security when you want to borrow money from Shaw.

Shaw can make loans up to 50,000 dollars

At Shaw, you can borrow up to 50,000 dollars. On the front page of their website, you will be met by an intelligent calculator so you can easily find your particular loan. Once you have chosen your desired loan amount, the monthly benefit, APR, interest, credit costs, and repayment amounts will appear clearly and clearly. In this way, as a borrower, you easily have an overview of the total borrowing costs on the loan you apply for. However, it should be mentioned that this calculation is only indicative and requires registration for Betalingsservice. The interest rate will ultimately depend on your individual situation as a loan applicant.

Shaw has also listed 5 good advice, which you can advantageously read before you start your loan application. We definitely recommend that you do as we believe it is important to make use of all the advice when you want to record a quick loan. At the same time, it is mentioned that this advice in no way guarantee that you can get a loan. They are just developed based on experience from some of Shaw current customers.

Get a quick answer when applying for a loan

The One Payday website states that your application will be processed electronically. This means that you will typically be able to expect answers to your loan application within just 30 seconds. Besides of course you receive an email with the answer, it will also appear on the screen immediately after you apply for a loan. When you apply for a quick loan at Shaw, you can count on the loan process going completely anonymously. It is solely their loan partner who sees and makes use of your information, as these must be used to assess your loan application.

Borrow money now and get them fast

Now we have given you a description of the provider of quick loans, which is called Shaw. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us or contact the loan provider directly. Otherwise, just jump into it and apply for a quick loan right away. You can loan NOK 3,000 and up to 50,000 dollars. In addition, you can extend the loan term to a total of 72 months, which corresponds to 6 years. Apply for a loan now at Shaw and experience their quick response.